Teach Yourself DevResults

Learning DevResults?

This page provides a logical progression through each topic needed to be a successful DevResults user. We are working toward providing video tutorials for every major topic so stay tuned for updates!

This series of tutorials will first introduce you to the DevResults platform. First, you'll gain an understanding of:

  • How we approach data management for M&E
  • The tools and features we provide
  • How we configure and enable those tools for each organization with a streamlined implementation process

Next, we'll take you through the basic concepts and skills for using DevResults. You'll learn:

  • How data is added to the system
  • How to visualize and analyze that data
  • How to configure new activities or indicators in the system
  • Advanced tools for complex data sources

Before getting started, Download Chrome. Some other browsers (like Internet Explorer) do not support DevResults' complex mapping and data querying tools.


  1. Introduction to DevResults
  2. Log in and get started
  3. Entering and reviewing data
  4. Visualizations & Pito
  5. Dashboards
  6. Create an activity
  7. About indicator data sources
  8. Create an indicator
  9. Add a user
  10. About geographies and add a location
  11. Create formula indicator
  12. Create a data table
  13. Create a data table indicator
  14. Linked data tables


Next steps

To hone your DevResults skills, feel free to use our demo site for practice, or your own training site. Anywhere in DevResults you can click on the "help" button to see related knowledge base articles or to reach out to someone on our team. 

Didn't answer your question? Please email us at help@devresults.com.