Indicator Reports

Once you've entered in data, one of the best ways to double-check you've done everything correctly is to take a look at the Reports tab and make sure you see what you're expecting to see. 


All visualizations and reports on the Reports tab comes with a left hand configuration panel. 

You can select what type of visualization you want to see at the top of the configuration panel. When you switch between different visualizations, the visualization automatically changes display. 

Once you’ve selected your visualization, you can filter the data displayed using the disaggregations for that indicator, whether the results are incremental or cumulative, the time period you are interested in, and what specific activities or geographies you want to see your visualization depict.

You can also make stylistic changes to the visualization by changing the color palette or style of graph. 

If you want to download a static image of a visualization, you can click the download button.


The grid option allows you to see a Pito Report for a single indicator. You can customize your report by applying filters using the drop down menu options at the top of the grid.

You can also select what information to populate in your rows and columns, and whether or not to include targets as well as actuals in the grid.

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