DevResults is about to release our brand new Matrix feature for all users. Matrix is a powerful query tool for creating reports. Find Matrix in any indicator's reports tab. 

The display section lets you choose how to slice, dice, and analyze your data. The filter section lets you choose a subset of your data to include. You'll also find the updated display and filter options on other visualization tools, including dashboard tiles for indicator results.

Here's a quick feature guide to get you started:

  1. Cross-disaggregated reports (new)
  2. Group reporting periods by fiscal year (new)
  3. Unlimited display disaggregations (new)
  4. Include actuals and targets (improved)
  5. Calculate percent of activity targets and global targets (new)
  6. View information incrementally or cumulatively (now including target analyses)
  7. Show or hide totals for each grouping/disaggregation (new)
  8. Expanded/improved filters for activities, organizations, disaggregations, geographies, and reporting periods.

The filters use "OR" logic within a single filter plus "AND" logic between filters. For example, if you choose two activities from the activity filter and two quarters from the reporting periods filter, you'll see data for for both activities, but only for the selected quarters. 

This tool will replace the Grid tool for all users, and the other visualization options will benefit from the improvements to the left-hand panel.  In the long term, we're going to update Pito with the same advanced functionality. 

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