Webinar: Matrix

Key Points from the Video


This video is a recording of a live webinar hosted on 30 April 2019 about the Matrix feature. Matrix is a powerful query tool for creating reports. Find Matrix in any indicator's reports tab. Our main objectives in developing this feature were:

  • Enabling cross-disaggregation
  • Grouping by fiscal year
  • Adding more filters
  • Providing target versus actuals analyses
  • Persisting display choices between visualizations

Video index:

  • Cross-disaggregation [00:52]
  • Display values (actuals versus targets) [5:32]
  • Show/hide Totals [7:48]
  • Filters [10:52]
  • Incremental versus cumulative [14:28]
  • Visualizations [16:38]
  • Dashboards [19:25]
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