Edit Multiple Activities

DevResults offers tools for editing multiple activities at once. This makes configuring your site and keeping it up-to-date faster and easier. The editing options available for multiple activities at once include:

  • Bookmark
  • Assign indicators
  • Assign tags
  • Assign sectors
  • Assign reporting periods by dates
  • Change status
  • Delete (don't worry--we'll check with you to confirm this is really what you want to do!)

How to edit multiple activities

First, go to the activities index page by clicking Activities at the top of any DevResults page.

Click the checkbox next to the activities to edit. You can either scroll through the list to find what you need, or use the left hand filters to narrow the list (and then select all).

Next, click the button for the edit you'd like to complete. This will open a pop-up to help you complete that action. 

And that's it. This example assigns five indicators to 19 activities in the health sector. 

Notes on specific tools

  • Bookmarks: Bookmarked activities appear on your dashboard in the "Bookmarked Activities" tile. Every user has their own set of bookmarks; this does not edit anyone else's bookmarked activities or dashboard. 
  • Assign indicators: Each activity-indicator assignment comes with the indicator's default reporting cycle, such as "quarterly" or "annual". To edit the reporting frequency for any particular activity-indicator assignment, go to the activity's overview page.
  • Assign reporting periods by dates: This action assigns reporting periods from all reporting cycles based on the start and end dates for the activity. If the span of the activity overlaps with the span of a reporting period, even by just one day, then that reporting period will be included. If an activity is missing a start or end date, this action will not affect that activity. No duplicate assignments are created, so it's ok to include activities that might already have some or all reporting periods assigned. You can always go to an activity overview page to add or remove reporting periods as needed.
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