Assign an Indicator to an Activity

For an activity to report on an indicator in DevResults, the indicator must be assigned to that activity.

First, go to the Program Info > Activities and select your activity. Scroll down to the Classification section and click on Select indicators.

On the popup window that appears, expand the results framework(s) by clicking on the right-pointing triangles.

  • You can assign all of the indicators under a part of the results framework by clicking on the checkbox next to that objective, such as 1.3 Property rights (shown in orange).
  • You can also assign single indicators by only clicking on the checkboxes for those particular indicators, leaving the others clear.

When you've made your selection, click Save.

All of the checked indicators are now assigned to this activity. 

Indicators are assigned with their default reporting cycle (defined on the indicator's definition page), but each indicator's reporting cycle can be edited for an activity.

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