Bookmarking pages lets you easily find activities and indicators of interest to you on your dashboard.

Bookmarking a single activity or indicator

You can bookmark indicators and activities by clicking on the star in the top right of any activity page or indicator page. Here's an indicator page that is not bookmarked:

And here's an activity page that is bookmarked:

When you edit a dashboard, you can add tiles of bookmarked activities or bookmarked indicators. The tiles show lists of your bookmarks as links to the activity or indicator page. 

You can un-bookmark a bookmarked activity or indicator by simply clicking on the star again so that it returns to being gray.

Bookmarking multiple activities or indicators

You can also bookmark multiple activities or indicators. On the Activity or Indicator index page, select the activities or indicators you would like to bookmark. Then click the "Bookmark" button at the top of the index.

You can filter to view only activities or indicators that have been bookmarked by typing "Is:Bookmarked" in the search bar.

Bookmarks menu

You can access all your bookmarked activities and indicators from any page by clicking on the Bookmarks menu.

You can also remove bookmarks by clicking on the star next to the activity or indicator title you wish to remove.

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