Assign a User to an Activity

Assigning users to activities provides three main benefits:

  1. Provides a shared record of who is involved with an activity, both internally and externally
  2. Ensures that associated users get notifications about activity discussions and data submission/approval (depending on your site's notification settings)
  3. Provides partner users with access to the activity

To assign one or more users to an activity: 

  1. Go to the activity's overview tab at Program Info > Activities and select your activity
  2. Scroll down to the Staff Roles and Partner Access section
  3. Click on Assign Users

In the popup, select the user(s) you'd like to assign to the activity. You can filter the list of users by group and organization, or search by name or email in the search bar at the top. Then click Assign.

If the user is not listed in the popup index, see: Manage Users.

Optional: In the Role column, add the role the user has for this activity. This might differ from their formal job title, as users might have different roles within different activities.

If you do not see the Assign Users button, your permission group does not allow you to update this information. Please speak with your supervisor.

Additional Options

DevResults also enables assignment of one or more users to multiple activities at the same time. To use this feature: 

  1. Go to the activity index at Program Info > Activities
  2. Select one or more activities
  3. Click Assign users
  4. Select users and click Assign

Additionally, assignments to activities can be made using the same tools from the user side:

  • From the user index at Administration > Users (select users, click Assign activities, select activities, click Assign)
  • Or at the bottom of an individuals' profile page (click Assign Activities, select activities, click Assign)

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