Site administrators can manage all notifications in DevResults and determine:

  1. Who receives in-app and email notifications, and what they are notified about
  2. How frequently they receive in-app and email notifications

To set notification alerts, go to Administration > Notifications

Add a new notification type by clicking on the empty bottom row and selecting an option from the dropdown list.

You can then edit the default notification recipient by selecting an option from the dropdown list. 

You can also adjust the frequency with which notifications are delivered for specific notification types. Click on the pencil symbol to edit the frequency of notifications and add a schedule in the Notification Frequency pop-up. 

You can edit the default frequency as needed and then click Save

The designated users will now be notified in-app or to their email depending on their profile settings. Users can adjust the frequency of their email notifications by Editing their Profile.

You can view all sent notifications by clicking on the Sent Notification tab. Notifications can be filtered by individual users, groups of users, or by organization. Clicking on an individual notification gives you further details on the message sent, users notified, and any other meta data available.

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