Enter 'Direct Entry' Data Online

There are several ways to add or view indicator results. This page describes the best place to edit or review indicator results (or an activity's data entry status) for a particular reporting period.

Go to the Results dropdown menu and select Reporting Periods.

Click on the reporting period of interest.

You can see the data entry status for all activities that are assigned indicators for this reporting period. This column will say "No Data", "In Progress", "Submitted", or "Approved".

Click on one activity. This page will show all the indicators assigned to that activity for this reporting period. You can view the total of the results entered to date under "Current Results".

Click on a single indicator. This page shows the geographic and demographic disaggregations required for the indicator (if any). Totals are generated automatically. You can click on a single cell to add or edit data. The far right column provides the opportunity to add narrative comments for each geographic disaggregation.

If no rows appear on this page for data entry, check on the geographic areas of focus for that activity.

If you would prefer, you can download an Excel template for adding indicator results.

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