Why is there Nowhere to Enter Data on the Results Page?

The Problem: 

You are trying to enter or edit data on an indicator's Targets & Data tab -- but under the "Results" section, there are no rows in which to enter data:

First, if this indicator is reported on by one or more activities, make sure that you select that activity from the Show results for drop-down.

You cannot enter indicator results for the whole program if results are attributed to specific activities.

If you still see no rows in which to report indicator results, here's some background information necessary for understanding this problem:

All indicators are defined with a specific geographic disaggregation, or what we call a Reporting Level. There are two types of reporting levels:

1) Locations are identified by a set of coordinates and include places like cities, villages, farms, schools, and hospitals.

2) Administrative Divisions are associated with a shape file that denotes an area on a map and include places like regions, districts, provinces, prefectures, or the whole country.

If your indicator is defined with a Location reporting level, then the rows for your reporting page should be locations.

If your indicator is defined with an Administrative Division reporting level (such as a district, province, department, governorate, etc.), then the rows for your reporting should be regions, etc.

If your indicator is not disaggregated geographically (i.e. Indicator results are associated with the whole country) then the reporting level should be the country's name.

Finally, the problem:

If your Targets & Data page has no rows for data entry, the most common problem is that this activity is not matched to any locations, regions, etc. (or the whole country).

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