Delete a User

When should I delete a user vs. No Access?

If a user has never logged in to the site or has never been active in it, go ahead and delete them.

If you want to remove a user who's been active in the site, we recommend instead changing that user to a No Access permissions group. This will preserve the history of their edits and changes on the site. If you delete that user, that audit history disappears.

Who can delete users?

Only users with View & Edit permission on People can delete users.

How do I delete a user?

Go to Administration > Users to open the Users Index.

Note: If you do not see the Administration menu, then you do not have permission to delete users. Please speak to your supervisor.

On the Users Index page, you can search for users by name using the text box at the top or narrow the list of users by group or organization. When you've found the user you'd like to delete, click on the checkbox next to their name. You can then click the "Delete" button at the top of the page.

A pop-up will open asking you to confirm that you want to delete this user. Click "Delete" to proceed with deleting the user.

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