Configuration Guide

If you're just getting started with DevResults, we have several articles on Site Setup to help you.

This covers how we work, how we create your site, how we conduct trainings, etc. 

Once your site is set up, you can begin configuring it. Site configuration in DevResults requires defining four characteristics which will be associated with all data you enter:

  • Who does the work
  • What is the work
  • When does the work happen
  • Where does the work happen

We go into this in-depth in our article on Data Structures to help you understand how these pieces of information is critical to configuring your DevResults site.

The Activity is at the central organizing feature of DevResults, and each Activity is associated with who, what, when, and where. An activity might be an award, grant, sub-partner, internal team, or any entity responsible for producing indicator results. An activity is the combination of the organization managing the work, the list of indicators to be reported, the places where indicators are reported, and the reporting periods when indicators are reported.

Learn more about Activities and Organizations before you dive into adding, editing, and configuring Activities.

As you set up each activity, you'll notice that it brings together each of the necessary elements needed to enter data into DevResults. 

Who does the work

All activities have a primary managing organization. If NGO 1 wins an award to implement Project X, then Project X is the activity and NGO 1 is its organization. Users are also assigned to an organization. 

Learn how to add Organizations.

Anyone who needs to access DevResults must be a user in the site identified by their email. Users can be granted different permissions based on user groups.

Learn more about how to add, delete, and configure Users and Profiles.

What is the work

Your results framework is a hierarchy of your objectives. Your indicators measure progress toward those objectives. 

Learn how to create a Results Framework and set up and configure Indicators. You can also Manage Narrative Questions to provide further context to the work you're doing.

When does the work happen

Every piece of data reported in DevResults must be associated with a particular date or reporting period. Reporting periods fall in specific reporting cycles (annual, quarterly, monthly, etc.)

Learn how to manage Reporting Periods, Reporting Cycles, and Fiscal Years.

Where does the work happen

Every piece of data reported in DevResults must be associated with a particular geography. Geographies can either be specific points on a map with GPS coordinates or shapes or areas such as districts, provinces, states.

Learn more about Geographies.

Having trouble with configuration? We have several articles on Troubleshooting to help you.

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