Define a Results Framework

DevResults allows you to create more than one Results Framework to map to your indicators.

To create a new Results Framework, go to Results > Results Framework.

Your existing Results Frameworks will be displayed in tabs along the top. To create a new framework, click the Manage results frameworks button in the lower right:

This will open a pop-up displaying the existing frameworks. To add a new one, scroll to the bottom of the list and click in the empty cell where it says Click to add:

The Code Prefix is used on the Indicator Definition tab dropdown where Results Frameworks are assigned to indicators (in this screenshot, the "k"):

The Short Name is used on the results framework tree in MultiMatrix and the Indicators Index Results Framework filter:

The Description allows you to provide a description of the framework and is only accessible from this Manage results framework view.

The order displayed in this pop-up determines the order of the tabs and the order the frameworks are displayed across the site. To reorder, click and drag the arrow to the left of the Code Prefix for the framework you want to move.

Once you've entered values for Code Prefix, Short Name, and Description, click the Done button in the lower right of the pop-up:

This will take you back to the tabbed view. Click the tab of the framework you just added.

This will open an empty grid for you to enter the structure for your new results framework:

Click in the Click to add box to begin entering your new framework. For these fields:

  • Code  and Short Name are displayed in all of the Results Framework trees (in Matrix or MultiMatrix, the Indicators Index, in the Results Framework dropdown on the Indicator Definition tab, etc.)
  • Code is used to hierarchically organize the Results Framework objectives. These codes use periods to denote hierarchy. So 1.1 will be grouped under 1; 1.1.1 will be grouped under 1.1; and so on.
  • Code should be unique within the Results Framework.
  • We recommend also having unique Short Names. This is not required but will make it easier for people less familiar with the framework to find things they need.
  • Desired Result is a description field where you can put the full text of your framework's objective (as it might appear in a logframe, PMP, etc.).
  • By default, all objectives are marked as Active when you create them. You can deactivate objectives by unchecking this box, which will make them disappear as options when assigning an Indicator to frameworks.

Don't worry about typing these in the right order; the system will reorder them based on the code hierarchy:

Pro Tip: If you need to assign a lot of indicators to newly-created framework objectives, click the Details button to the right of the objective. This will open a details screen and you can assign indicators to the framework objective from there!
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