Resetting an Activity Reporting Period

Imagine a scenario where information was incorrectly added to an activity for a certain reporting period and you'd like to delete all of that information and return to a blank slate. For this, you can use the Reset activity reporting period button. 

  • Only users assigned to groups with the Owner box checked can reset an activity reporting period. 
  • An activity reporting period can be reset at any time. The one exception is for DevResults sites that publish data to other DevResults sites. If the data has been published and the reporting period is certified and locked, you must first undo the certification. 

What does resetting an activity reporting period do?

  • Delete all narrative responses
  • Delete all indicator results and their comments for direct entry indicators
  • Delete all indicator results for formula indicators and queue them for recalculation
  • Resolve all logic check violations
  • Change the status (it will change to "In Progress" if there are data table results, otherwise it will change to "No Data".)

Activity Reporting Period resets do not touch data table indicator calculations.

How do I reset the Activity Reporting Period?

From the activity's reporting period page, click the Status dropdown in the upper right and click on Reset activity reporting period.

As with other activity reporting period status change processes, this will open a pop-up that shows the users who will be contacted about the change. You can add a message if you'd like. Then click Next.

Because this will permanently delete data, you will see an additional warning screen to be sure this is what you want to do. Type DELETE to confirm the data deletion. Click the Reset data and send button to complete the reset.

Once the reset is complete, the activity reporting period page will refresh. If you have no data table data, you will see this as a No Data status. If you do, it will show In Progress. The reset will be logged in the Discussion tab of this Activity Reporting Period. 

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