Why Can't My Partners See ___?

Your copy of DevResults is not designed to be a program management tool for your partners -- it's a program management tool for you. You have the ability to share some of your site with partners (like indicator definitions and activity overviews) depending on how you configure your permissions.

Partner access is designed to give you the ability to collect information from partners. DevResults gives partners a window for reporting indicator data, narrative information and calendar events. Partners do not have access to your tools like the timeline view, your global calendar, etc.

If you want partners to have access to the whole site, you can give them a non-partner permission level, like "Contributor". However, whatever non-partner permission level you assign would apply equally to all activities, not just their own. 

If your partners would benefit from having their own instance of DevResults to manage their program and sub-grantees, we'd love to have them as a client. Please get in touch if interested. 

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