Import Data From SurveyCTO

DevResults integrates fully with SurveyCTO, a mobile data collection tool. You can create a data table and import data from your SurveyCTO surveys in a single click. 

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Note: The SurveyCTO integration recently came out of beta testing (March 2021) and is now available to all sites and users. To enable, a site owner must go to Administration > Settings and enable SurveyCTO integration from the list of available features.

Create data table

From any page on DevResults, click "In Data Tables" under the Data tab.

Click (+) New Data Table, name the table, and select Import from SurveyCTO. Then click Next

You will now be prompted to enter information on the SurveyCTO form you would like to connect to.

You will need to enter the server name (this is the prefix to your survey CTO url as shown in the example below), the Form ID (the name of the SurveyCTO form you want to link to), as well as your SurveyCTO email and password. If you're unsure about any of these fields, please refer to SurveyCTO's documentation and then reach out to us at

Once you've entered this information, click Next.

You can now configure the titles and types of columns you want to import, de-select fields you don't want to import, and choose to either create the table and import data or create the table without importing data.

Click (+) Create Data Table to complete the import process.

Refresh existing table

When new information has been collected on SurveyCTO, you can refresh the data table by clicking on the right-hand gear icon and clicking "Refresh data"

DevResults does not store external passwords, so you will be prompted to enter your SurveyCTO password once again. 

You will then be asked to review the new and updated rows of information before you can complete the import. Click Import data once you've reviewed the new information.

Edit information in SurveyCTO

To maintain version control, DevResults does not allow any SurveyCTO data to be edited in the app.

If you need to edit information that's been collected, you will need to do so in SurveyCTO. 

All SurveyCTO data in DevResults is associated with both a DevResults KeyValue and a SurveyCTO ExternalKeyValue. 

You can look up specific rows in SurveyCTO by clicking on the Monitor tab, and selecting "Look up by key" for your form.

Once you've made edits in SurveyCTO, refresh the data table in DevResults to see the changes reflected.

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