Navigating DevResults

When you log on to DevResults, the first page you land on is your dashboard. Each user can design their dashboard to show information most relevant to them. The dashboard is the easiest way to organize all the information about your activities that you would like to see at a glance. See Edit Dashboards on how to customize your view.  

Once on the dashboard, you can use the permanent menu to navigate the site. 

The grey menu at the top of the page is permanent and appears on every page. These menu options contain information relating to your entire DevResults site.

  • The Dashboard tab allows you to take a deeper dive to view and filter the information on your site in different ways. This includes mapping your results framework and activities, looking at a timeline of some or all your activities, and viewing financial and indicator result reports.
  • The Activities tab takes you to the central organizing feature of your DevResults site. From this index of your activities, you can view and edit information pertaining to a single activity. 
  • The Results tab lets you navigate through everything related to your activities' results. From here, you can view your results framework, navigate to your indicator index, and view and enter data. 
  • The Calendar tab lets you view all site-related events at a glance.
  • The Documents tab lets you store documents relating to your entire organization or program. 
  • The Administration tab allows you to view and edit your site's settings as needed.

When you open a single activity's page or indicator's page, you get a second set of tabs in blue. This menu contains information relating only to that activity or indicator.

Using the blue menu, you can view and edit specific information relating to a single activity or indicator. This means if you were to save a document at the indicator level, it will not be visible in the program-wide Document tab, for example.

DevResults also has a permanent help button at the top right corner of every page. Each individual page on your DevResults site is linked to specific help pages that guide you through process specific to that page. You can also search our help site directly on the DevResults site.

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