Link Data Tables

Once you've created a Lookup Key for a table, you can use it to link records in one table to another. 

Linking Existing Data Tables

To link a data table to another, navigate to the data table you want to link. In this example, we'll be connecting the Trainees table to a table of Trainings

Click on the Design tab.

This table already has several columns added, including Name of Training, Date of Training, and where it was held. To pull in individual trainee information from the Trainees table, click on (+) Add new column

In the popup, you can specify what the column should be called. Click on the dropdown for Type and select Table. You can now click on the Table dropdown and select which data table you would like to connect. 

Note: Tables will not show up in the dropdown if a Lookup Key is not specified for that table. 

Click on Save changes to link the tables. 

You can now navigate to the Data tab to begin pulling information from the Trainees table to the Trainings table. 

Click on (+) Add new row. 

You'll notice that adding information to the new row remains the same. 

When adding information from the Trainees table (column: Trainee) to a row, you can click on the dropdown and select the trainee name and sex you want to include in that specific column. 

Click Save to add the new row.

If you want to display the Trainee ID and Sex separately, you can do so by clicking on the gear icon on the top right corner of the table. 

In the list of columns below, you can choose to display any columns in the table you linked to this one. In our example, we can choose to display Trainee: Person ID, Trainee: Sex, and Trainee: Age. If we want to remove the Lookup Key from the table, we can uncheck the box next to it. In our example, that would be the Trainee column.

TIP: If you are creating a new data table by uploading an example that links to another table, values in one of the columns in the data table should match the generated Lookup Key in the second data table. In the example above, we would have added Trainee as a column, with all values in the column formatted as Trainee ID, Sex
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