Feature Suggestions

Development of DevResults is driven by the feedback and suggestions from our clients. Our best features are inspired by you, so we love hearing your ideas about how we could improve the site. If you would like to submit a suggestion for a new or improved feature, please email us at help@devresults.com. Be as specific as possible, including:

  1. What problem are you trying to solve with this feature, or what need are you trying to address?
  2. Why are current tools/features of DevResults insufficient for addressing this problem or need?
  3. What do you want this new feature to do? 
  4. How would your work be improved by this feature? (e.g. "This would make it easier for partners to..." or "We could avoid using Excel for this aspect of our data management...")
  5. Would this feature be added to an existing page, or would it be a new page? If the feature would require a new page, what page(s) would link to the feature?
  6. Please provide a quick sketch or mock-up of how the feature would look and work. Sending us something as simple as a photo of a drawing on paper helps us understand what you're asking for. 

DevResults Deadlines

Submitting a feature suggestion does not mean that we will implement the idea, and DevResults generally does not commit to timelines for adding new features. We generally assess new feature suggestions once per week and schedule our engineering work in ~2 month increments and as such we cannot provide a completion date for any new features. We provide all clients with a feature suggestion status update during our semi-annual client check-ins. 

All Features are for All Clients

DevResults is a single piece of software and the tools on your site are the same as the tools on everyone else's site. This means that you benefit from other clients' good ideas. When you think about potential DevResults features, focus on what tools would be useful in general, not just for your specific program or sector. 

For example, when someone suggested adding the ability to identify which of their activities operated in conflict zones, we didn't add a checkbox to the software to label activities as "conflict zone" or not. Instead, we created the ability to tag activities with any phrase, and with as many tags as you'd like. This is a general solution instead of a specific solution. It allows folks to identify activities with anything at all, like "mango farming" or "local governance", not just "conflict zone". 

Read more about what makes a feature suggestion more likely to be implemented here.

Didn't answer your question? Please email us at help@devresults.com.