Enter Narrative Responses (Partners)

1) Log into DevResults. Your website will be something.devresults.com.

  • Forgot your password? You can get a new one yourself.
  • Does the site not recognize your email? Talk to your contacts to whom you report data. DevResults staff cannot give partners access to the system.

2) When you log in, you will be taken to your Partner Dashboard. This page will show a list of activities on the top right for your organization. Under the Activity Reporting section, you will see a list of the activities that currently have an open reporting window (such as the month following the end of a quarter). Click on your activity.

Now you are viewing your Activity Reporting Page. This includes a list of all the indicators for which your activity should report results for the selected reporting period.

3) Select the Narrative tab. Click to add responses for each question, either by pasting in text or typing it in directly. All changes save automatically.

4) Text can be formatted using Markdown. You can use headers, emphasis, lists, links, images, tables, and other features. 

5) When all data entry is complete for the reporting period, submit your indicator results and narrative responses by selecting "Submit all activity data for review" from the status dropdown in the top right of the page.

Note: This action cannot be undone; if you need to edit any information before the data is reviewed/accepted by the organization to whom you report, then contact them to have them "return" the data to you. 

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