Edit Multiple Indicators

To make administrative tasks easier and faster, we support bulk edits to indicators. Currently, the actions we support doing in bulk are:

  • Mark as "inactive"
  • Delete (don't worry--we'll check with you to confirm this is really what you want to do!)

How Do I Use It?

To make these kinds of edits, first, go to the Indicators Index page by clicking Results->Indicators at the top of any DevResults page.

When the index page opens, you'll need to click the checkbox next to the indicators you want to edit. You can either scroll through the list to find what you need, or use the filters and search to get the perfect list and click the checkbox in the column header to select all indicators displayed:

Once you have the indicators you want to edit checked, click the button for the bulk action you'd like to complete:

If any additional selections are needed, this will open a pop-up or confirmation window before proceeding; otherwise, it will complete the action. For example, if you try to delete indicators, you'll see this:

If you see a pop-up, simply make the necessary selections (if any are required) and click the button to Cancel or proceed with the bulk action!

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