Change Management Toolkit

Change management is hard. We've developed a range of tools to help with the people-side of implementing DevResults.

  • Permissions Matrix: To help decide which groups of users should have which permissions, we've assembled an Excel file that shows the default permissions for each standard group. You can use this file to think through how to modify permissions for user groups, develop custom user groups, and assign users to the appropriate group. 
  • Responsibilities Matrix: This worksheet lists a set of real-world stages in your activity cycle and the corresponding actions that should happen in DevResults to keep your site up-to-date. You can customize these stages and actions as needed and identify the individuals who will be responsible for .
  • Stakeholder Buy-In Guide: This guide covers the essential components of cultivating stakeholder buy-in. It includes a worksheet for crafting your message to different groups of stakeholders, as well as a checklist summary. 
  • Roadmap for Data Management: This roadmap covers a range of steps, questions, potential pitfalls, and suggestions for an organization seeking to refine results management, specifically around choosing and implementing tools for doing so. We encourage folks to use this list in any way that works for you.
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