Change an Indicator's Name, Code, or Status

To edit the wording of an indicator or the code used to identify it, go to the Results dropdown menu and select Indicators. Select the indicator you'd like to edit.

On the indicator's Definition tab, find the Definition section.

You can click on the Name or Code field to make edits. This will not change or delete any data associated with the indicator, so make sure that any new wording for an indicator still describes all data for that indicator. If you need to change an indicator code but want to store the old code for reference, you could list the old code under "Reference #". All changes are saved automatically.

To make an indicator inactive without deleting any data reported for that indicator, unclick the "Indicator is active" checkbox. This will remove the indicator from future reporting periods for each activity.

An inactive indicator will never appear in a user's data entry view for a reporting period, even for a previous reporting period for which the indicator was active. If reported data for an inactive indicator needs to be modified, first re-activate the indicator by checking the "Indicator is active" box. All data for inactive indicators can be viewed in Pito if you uncheck the "hide inactive indicators" filter.

Note: If you are unable to complete this action, then you do not have permission to assign indicators to activities. Please speak to your supervisor.
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