When can you complete my new DevResults site?

Long story short: The timeline for creating your new DevResults site depends on you more than it depends on us.

When we receive a completed setup template from you, it takes us 10 business days to create your live site. However, a full first draft of the template is NOT the same as the final completed version of the template. We advise that you budget for several weeks of back-and-forth as we review the template and your team revises it. In many years of doing this, we've never had someone get it 100% final on the first try.

Ultimately, the completion of the setup template is your responsibility. We need a few days to assess and offer feedback about a submitted template, and we don't have control over how many revisions it takes to fill in gaps and fix errors, so give yourself plenty of time to complete that process before you need to use the site.

Once we create the live site, if you want to re-think any significant portions of the structure, then you would want to leave more weeks to edit the template accordingly, let us review it, and then give us 10 more business days to re-create the site.

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