Problem: The map is incorrect or out of date


DevResults generally acquires maps for your country or countries from the publicly available files at If the information we have provided is inaccurate or out of date, it is your responsibility to provide the .kml or shape files with the information you want to use on your site.

The Issue:

There are new or changed regions/provinces/districts in your country that are not in the maps available at

Is this a problem?

Yes; this will be an issue for storing and visualizing indicator results if you do work in these areas and need to identify or group information by the missing administrative divisions.

How It Works:

All indicator results in DevResults must be associated with a place, whether this place is a point on the map, a shape like a region, or the whole country (or even whole world). Those shapes and points all get an ID number in our database, and all indicator result data is associated with that ID. We would not be able to store data not mapped to a place. There are two aspects to this:

  • Data aggregation: Whenever you look at the national total for a certain indicator that is reported by district, the system automatically aggregates district results within regions, and regional results within the country (or whatever terms are used by your country). This is done using the physical coordinates of the place. The system aggregates data reported for points on a map (facilities/villages) that are rolled up to the smallest shapes (sub-districts/districts), as well as aggregating data from smaller administrative divisions to larger ones. We use a point inside each shape to figure out which larger geographic area contains it.
  • Data visualization: We are not able to edit the shape files to re-draw boundaries, so we wouldn't be able to add shapes or divide current shapes into smaller shapes. There would be no way to visualize data that cannot be mapped to a geographic place.

The Solution:

  • Your team would need to provide any set of KML files or shape files that contain the correct administrative divisions for which you need to report indicator results. Please see more information about KML files. Potential alternative sources of KML data include:
  • There are a few circumstances in which we could address this issue without needing new maps:
    • If your lowest level of administrative divisions (smallest shapes) is the only incorrect level, and you do not intend to report data at that level, we can just delete it.
    • If any administrative division levels are incorrect but you don't need to report data for each division (say, you report data for larger geographic areas or smaller ones, like facilities), AND you don't need to view results aggregated by that level, then again, we could just delete that level and all other tools would work fine.
    • If the lowest level is incorrect and you would like to treat those places as points on a map instead of shapes, this would also work with all DevResults features, IF you do not intend to report data for any smaller entities, like cities or facilities.
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