Mapping Functionality

What mapping tools and features are offered in DevResults?

DevResults mapping features are designed to enforce good data management practices by requiring that all indicator results are associated with a place, whether that place is a single facility, a region, a country, or the whole world. In DevResults, you can:

  • Plot coordinates for single locations and assign the locations to one or more activities
  • Report indicator results per location
  • Report indicator results per administrative division
  • Aggregate indicator results for locations by administrative division
  • Aggregate indicator results for administrative divisions up to larger divisions or the whole country/world
  • Show indicator results on a map at any level of geographic disaggregation, per indicator
  • Display the set of activities operating at any location
  • Store additional information about locations (address, contact info, tags)
  • Add KML layers to the dashboard map for context
  • Query active locations by parts of your results framework
DevResults is not intended to replace GIS or other advanced mapping software if these functions do not meet your needs.

Please see our additional information about administrative divisions for more info.

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