DevResults to Power BI

You can now import DevResults results data directly to Power BI using our custom connector.

If your organization uses Single Sign-On to access DevResults, you'll need an API Key to connect using Power BI.

Installing the DevResults Custom Connector

As the DevResults to Power BI custom connector is still in beta, please allow all extensions to load without validation or warning. To do so, click on Options and settings in the Power BI File menu and select Options.

Navigate to Security and select "(Not Recommended) Allow any extension to load without validation or warning" under Data Extensions. Then click OK.

If this option is not available to you, please update Power BI with the latest version.

Close Power BI. You don't need to save your changes.

You can now navigate to your Documents folder and create a new folder called "Microsoft Power BI Desktop". Within this folder, create another folder called "Custom Connectors" and save the following file there: 

The file path should look like this. Please note the spelling, spaces, and capitalization:

You can now reopen Power BI Desktop. 

Load Data

Click on Get data in the Power BI welcome menu, or select the option on the Home ribbon.

Navigate to Online Services and scroll till you see DevResults (Beta). You can also search for DevResults in the search bar at the top of the menu.

Click Connect to load data. 

If you're unable to see the DevResults connector, double-check the name of the folder that the .MEZ file is saved in and make sure you only have one "Power BI Desktop" folder in your Documents folder.

You can now specify the subdomain you would like to pull data from, as well as the Indicator ID:

To find the Indicator ID, navigate to the Indicator Overview tab. The ID is at the end of the URL:

You will then be prompted to enter your DevResults username and password:

when using an API Key to connect, use the "API Token" for the user name and the "API Secret" for the password

Once you click Connect, you will be taken to a data preview page:

You can either click Load to begin working with the data, or edit the column names, etc. by clicking Edit

NOTE: PowerBI does not automatically recognize data types like DevResults does. You will have to ensure your indicator results are set to the correct data type. You can do so by selecting Detect Data Type under the "Transform" menu in the Power Query tool.

Once you load the data, you can begin using it in Power BI. 

Note: To load data from multiple indicators in a single report, click on Get Data and add a new subdomain and Indicator ID. In most cases, your DevResults login details do not need to be entered again.

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