Change the Activity Menu Options

You can enable or disable the blue tabs within activities by enabling and disabling certain features in your DevResults site.

Tabs that you can optionally show/hide include:

  • Performance
  • Budget
  • Checklists
  • Forms
  • Documents
  • Calendar
  • Photos
  • Discussion

Who can change which features are enabled?

Users who belong to a group with View & Edit permissions on Program Settings can enable and disable features.

Enabling/Disabling features

On the Program Settings page, check/uncheck boxes in the Features section to show or hide these features.

Features that have checkboxes will be displayed/used. Those unchecked will be hidden/disabled.

Here are the features and which tabs they affect:

  • Awarding Organizations: doesn't impact tabs: shows/hides the Awarding Organization section on the Activity Overview tab. Also shows/hides the Awarding Organization filter in Pito.
  • Budget: shows/hides the Activity Budget tab
  • Calendar: shows/hides the Activity Calendar tab and the global Calendar navigation
  • Checklists: shows/hides the Activity Checklists tab
  • Data Table Row Locking: does not impact tabs or navigation; enables/disables Data Table Row Locking
  • Discussions: shows/hides the Activity Discussion tab
  • Document Library: shows/hides the Activity Documents tab, Indicator Documents tab, and global Documents navigation
  • Form LIbrary: shows/hides the Activity Forms tab, Indicator Forms tab, and Activity Reporting Period Forms tab
  • Multiple Funding Sources: shows/hides the grid at Administration > Funding Sources
  • Performance: shows/hides the Activity Performance tab
  • Photo Library: shows/hides the Activity Photos tab and the global Photos navigation
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