Branding your Site

You can configure a bit of the site as you see fit. To do so, you must be part of a group that has View & Edit privileges on Program Settings. Things you can change:

  • Program Info: change the site organization and program name in the upper left, program description, and planned budget
  • Security: enable SSL; add a custom login message
  • Features: enable/disable optional features system-wide for all users
  • Local Info: change country codes, currencies, and display languages
  • Branding: change the site logo

To access any of these settings, hover over the Administration menu, look in the Configuration section, and click on Program Settings.

Program Information

This section lets you edit the site's:

  • Program name (larger text in upper left of all screens)
  • Organization (smaller text in upper left of all screens)
  • Program description
  • Planned budget

Simply click in any of the relevant boxes and edit the text.


This section lets you edit two security-related settings:

  • Enable HTTPS: For older sites, we allowed you to enable/disable HTTPS. With newer security protocols, we no longer allow you to toggle back to http. But if you're still using http, you can switch to https by checking thix box.
  • Login message: Optionally, you can add a message to the login window that appears when users first navigate to the site. To edit, click in the box and type or copy/paste the message you'd like. The text gets inserted above the login screen where users enter their email and password:


This section lets you disable features that you're not using--and hide tabs related to them. (Note: if your site administrators have already made changes, your screenshot will look different from this.) Checking and unchecking these boxes does not delete any existing underlying data--it just impacts whether or not those tabs/features are displayed to users. These changes are site-wide.

See Change Menu Options for Activities for more details on what each feature controls.

Local Information

This section allows you to change your primary country/country code, the primary/secondary currencies on your site, and the display languages that you allow users to select. (Your screen will look different based on your site's configuration.)

  • To edit the Country or Region, simply type in the title you'd like to use. For multi-country instances, we use "World" by default, but you are welcome to edit this to something more fitting.
  • The Country Code indicates the primary country you're working in. For single-country instances, we've pre-populated this. For multi-country instances, we recommend using "World". You must select an existing option from the dropdown menu.
  • Primary currency and Local currency generally only get used if you're using Budget features within the system or using finance-related dashboard widgets. To set them, select the appropriate currency from the dropdowns.
  • Languages: We have a set number of languages that will auto-translate all menu headings and system text. Once you've enabled a language for the site, users can opt to use this by clicking their profile picture in the upper right and selecting the language at the bottom of that menu:

Note: Our language translators will only translate system menu headings and text, not Activity titles, Indicator titles, etc.


This section lets you upload your organization or program's logo to replace the default DevResults logo in the upper left. The uploader works best with .png files in grayscale. We convert the file to white/grayscale to fit the overall DevResults color theme.

To add your logo, click the Update Logo button, select the logo image you have, and click OK. The site should update for all users once you've uploaded the file.

Once you've uploaded a logo, the Update Logo button becomes Clear Logo, and you can click this to remove the uploaded file and start over again.

If your logo does not look good after uploading, please send us the file and we'll work with you to get a more satisfactory image uploaded.
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