How do I handle baseline assessment and evaluation reporting?

Most monitoring indicators are collected at regular intervals, such as annually, quarterly, or monthly. If you have indicators that are only collected irregularly, for instance as part of a baseline assessment or impact evaluation, you may only want to require reporting on them during specific reporting periods. You can do this by utilizing advanced Geography settings.

If you use quarterly or annual reporting cycles, assign them to your activities as you normally would. Then, go to the Geography tab, and from the Advanced menu, turn on Different places report on different indicators and Active places vary over time (see the article on Advanced Geographies for more guidance on these and other settings).

Now, you can turn various parts of your results frameworksand all associated indicatorson and off for different reporting periods. In the following example, FY16 and FY18 are years that include an assessment or an evaluation and therefore report all indicators and results, but FY17 is a year that does not involve collection of indicators in the M/3 framework. To ensure that M/3 indicators do not appear when they shouldn't, we have unchecked them for the FY17 reporting period for all geographies. 

NOTE: You can only vary the reporting frequency by results framework component. If your evaluation indicators occur in the same results framework as non-evaluation indicators, you will not be able to use the Advanced settings in the Geography tab to vary their reporting frequency. 

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