Resolve a Logic Check

Logic checks are basically safeguards created for specific indicators. For example, let's say you report two indicators (a numerator and denominator) used to calculate a percentage. A site administrator can define a logic check to do a comparison to make sure that the numerator you enter is less than the denominator you enter for the same location/time period. If the system runs the logic check and discovers that the numerator violates this, it will get flagged with a logic check error so that you can easily review it.

How Do I Know If My Indicator Results Violate a Logic Check?

Open the Activity Reporting Period page for the relevant activity and reporting period. Indicators that have logic check violations will have information in the Errors column:

I See Errors for Some of my Indicators; What Do I Do to Fix Them?

First, click on the indicator in the above view that has the errors.

This will open a grid for the indicator's data. Any row that violates a logic check will have a Warnings button in the far right column:

Click on the Warnings button to see the logic check calculation that threw the error:

These warnings use standard mathematical comparisons using >, <, =, and != (does not equal). So in this example, the system is checking to make sure that data reported for S-02 are greater than data reported for S-01. For each flagged entry, the system found this was NOT true. So once we adjust S-01 so that the data there is greater than for S-02, we've fixed the problem.

If you still don't understand why this data was flagged, you can click the calculation equation in blue; this will open a detail page for the logic check itself, which will show you each row that violates the check and what the values it found for each indicator were. In this example, the "Left" value was reported for indicator S-02 and the "Right" value was reported for indicator S-01:

To resolve this, then, we'd need to adjust the totals for FY2015 so that the number of females for S-02 is greater than the number of females for S-01.

I've Fixed My Data; How Do I Make Sure It's Okay?

The system does not instantly recalculate logic checks for indicator results, so you won't immediately see the Warnings button disappear. You have two options:

  1. Wait 15 minutes until the system automatically recalculates them.
  2. You can instantly manually recalculate these logic checks by clicking the Recalculate logic checks button on the Activity Reporting Period page, in the Indicator Results reporting page, or in the Logic Check details screen:

If you've properly resolved the issues, the Warnings button will disappear.

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