Manage Reporting Cycles

Reporting cycles let you establish the frequency with which different activities report on different indicators.

For example, if Activity A should report on Indicator 1 semi-annually instead of quarterly, you can set up a semi-annual reporting cycle to assign to Activity A for Indicator 1.

This page will walk you through creating a new semi-annual reporting cycle. 

First, go to Administration > Reporting Cycles:

This will open the Reporting Cycles Index. In our example, we currently have fiscal year quarterly and annual reporting cycles set up. Each dot on the line represents a separate reporting period within the cycle, and each circle on the line is a reporting period. 

To add an annual reporting cycle, click the + Add Reporting Cycle button in the lower right.

Give your reporting cycle a name, assign the fiscal year, define the interval (reporting period length) for the cycle, and define the submission period (length of window for entering data after the reporting period closes). You can define intervals in weeks or months, and submission periods in days, weeks, or months.

Then click the Add Reporting Cycle button.

This is our result:

Next, you will need to assign reporting periods to your cycle and, in our example, be sure that the cycle selected for Activity A, Indicator 1 is set to semi-annual.

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