How do I deactivate a shared indicator for only some activities?

Occasionally, you may need to deactivate or remove an indicator from an activity for reporting, ideally without destroying any historical data. If it's only a single-activity indicator, or the indicator is being retired for all assigned activities, it's as simple as unchecking "Indicator is active," either from the Indicator Definition tab:

 Or, for one or more indicators, using the bulk "Mark Inactive" button on the Indicator Index:

However, if an indicator is shared by many activities, and some but not all activities need to continue reporting on that indicator, it wouldn't make sense to deactivate the indicator itself. It might be temping to remove the activity assignment from the indicator, but this would require confirming that you wish to delete historic data.

The solution is to create a new empty reporting cycle to which you can assign to indicator activity assignments that you wish to deactivate. You can set the interval and submission periods for the reporting cycle to zero. You will not need to assign any reporting periods to this reporting cycle.

To deactivate a single activity-indicator link, use the button to "Allow reporting cycles to vary over time," either on the Activity Overview tab or the Indicator Definition tab, to define a custom timeline that will remove the activity from active reporting going forward.

This will ensure that historical data is preserved while removing the indicator from all future reporting periods.

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