Diagnostics Panel

If you administer or configure a DevResults site and you can't figure out why something isn't working or you want to check that other people are setting things up properly, check out the Diagnostics Panel. This page exists to help you find potential issues in your site, from duplicate names or codes that might prompt users to select the wrong thing to misconfigured or missing configurations that flat-out prevent an activity from reporting on an indicator. We recommend making the Diagnostics Panel your first stop any time you have a problem, since it can help you find and fix it quickly.

Who can access the Diagnostics Panel?

Users who are part of a group with View or View & Edit access to Diagnostics can see diagnostics. Other users won't see this option in the Tools menu.

How do I use the Diagnostics Panel?

To access the Diagnostics Panel, go to the Tools menu and click on "Diagnostics":

The panel has tabs at the top for each section of the site, and each tab runs multiple diagnostics against those objects. Click the tab to display all diagnostics for it. When a tab has diagnostic warnings, it has a red circle with a number to show how many diagnostics have warning violations:

Each available diagnostic will display:

  • in green with a checkmark, to show it's fine, or
  • in red with a warning symbol, to show it isn't fine

You can click the colored title bars to expand/collapse each section.

Below the diagnostic, you'll see:

  • A brief explanation of why the diagnostic matters
  • A Get help link that will direct you to a relevant help page with the steps to fix it
  • Links for the guilty objects: clicking on these will take you directly to the object so that you can edit it to fix the problem

To the right of the diagnostic header, you'll see an Export button which allows you to download the full object list for that diagnostic into Excel. This is useful if you have a lot of violation warnings and need to work through them one at a time.

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