Checklist Templates

The Checklists feature lets you keep track of tasks and assign them to particular users. For information about creating and using checklists, please see Checklists.

You might have a checklist that you'd like to use multiple times, for multiple activities, or for any sequence of tasks that need to be done frequently or regularly. For this, you can create a checklist template. A checklist template lets you save a single list of tasks, then to add that checklist to any activity from a dropdown menu. Then, you can assign due dates for the tasks in the list and assign them to the appropriate users.

There are two ways to create a checklist template:

Creating a checklist template from scratch

To create a checklist template, go to Administration > Checklist Templates.

The Checklist Templates page has a text window. To create a template, write the title of the template with each task on a separate line below the title. Place a dash and a space in front of each task. Leave a blank line between separate templates.

When you've created your template, click Done or click outside the text window.

Now, when you go to an activity checklist tab and create a checklist, you can select your new checklist template from the dropdown menu.

Assign it a relevant name and click the Add Checklist button.

The checklist and tasks will appear at the bottom of the page. You can then assign users and due dates to each task.

Creating a checklist template from an existing checklist

Alternatively, you can convert an existing checklist into a checklist template. Once you've found the activity checklist you'd like to use as a template, hover over the checklist.

Click the Save as checklist template button that appears in the upper right. This will copy the checklist Title and Task List to the Checklist Templates file. You can then go to Administration > Checklist Templates to make any further refinements.

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