Activities and Organizations

What is an activity?

  • An "Activity" in DevResults is a central organizing feature of the system. It is up to you to decide what an activity means to you. Activities are often grants or sub-grants managed by external organizations who report data to you, or internal projects managed by teams within your organization, or are some combination of the two.
  • Most folks use the general guideline that one grant or award number = one activity. There are a variety of tools for grouping related activities.
  • Activities are generally not single events, but are ongoing programs or implementing mechanisms that report indicator results each reporting period.
  • Activities can have specific users with specific roles, checklists of tasks for completion, and budgets. They are assigned to work in specific geographic areas.
  • One of the key considerations for selecting what a DevResults Activity is for you is the project boundary at which you naturally track staff, budget, indicators, etc.

What is an organization?

  • If you were paying Sarah to mow your lawn: The organization would be "Sarah" and the activity would be "Lawn Mowing".
  • In DevResults, it doesn't matter what they're named, so you could call the activity "Lawn Mowing" and the org "Sarah" if you wanted, or you could call the activity "Lawn Action" AND the organization "Lawn Action".
  • If you were doing all your own chores: You would be the only organization, and your list of chores would be your list of activities.

When should I have an organization with multiple activities, and when should I have an organization for each activity?

If you pay a different person to do each chore, then you'll have a separate organization for each activity.

Take the example of organization ABC who manages activities in Sweden (ActSwede) and Finland (ActFin). Should you list a single organization, ABC, as the organization for both activities? Or should each activity have a separate organization: ABC-Sweden and ABC-Finland?

  • If the same staff is involved in each activity, you'd want to treat it as a single organization with two activities.
  • Similarly, if you'd like to roll up data by organization in addition to by activity, it could be easier to treat it as one organization with two activities.
  • Otherwise, you might prefer to have a separate organization for each activity.
Keep in mind: Users with "Partner" or "Partner Manager" status gain access to their activities by being assigned to the same organization as that activity. A Partner or Partner Manager assigned to organization ABC would have access to the data reporting tools for all the activities associated with organization ABC.
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