Who Has Access to Data Tables

System administrators for your DevResults site can set permissions for data table access for all user groups. Each user group within your organization can have:

  • "View & Edit" or "View" access to all data tables, or
  • "No Access" to any of them.

Partners and Partner Managers are a special case. These user groups get access to particular data tables when:

There is an "Activity" column in the data table AND

  1. Any of the partner's activities are listed in the activity column
  2. The data table is linked to any of the partner's activities
  3. The data table is not linked to any indicators

Partners and Partner Managers never have access to data tables that DO NOT have a column designated as "Activity" as the column type in the design view.

If partners and partner managers still have trouble entering data into the system, make sure the Data Table Contributor and Data Table Manager permissions for their user group have been correctly set up. 

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