DevResults has a ton of cool features that go beyond entering indicator results and managing activities. Below, we've provided a comprehensive list of topics that a DevResults expert can do and explain. When we visit your country or headquarters, we train staff on as many of these topics as we can, with an emphasis on the tools most relevant to your workflows.

Get Ready for Training:

  1. Download Chrome: Other browsers (like Internet Explorer) do not support DevResults' complex mapping and data querying tools.
  2. Make sure your training site account works. Most likely, we will use your training site rather than your live DevResults site for all training. Contact your site administrator if you cannot access your training site.
  3. Get a Headset: For remote training, it is extremely difficult for us to communicate with folks unless they are wearing headphones and using their own microphone. We simply can't hear very well if you play our audio on speakers or have a single microphone in a room with several people.

List of DevResults Topics:

  • Add an activity: Learn to set up an activity from scratch. DevResults sets up new programs with their current information already built-in, but users will need to understand this configuration in order to update and maintain this information going forward. This extends to:
  • Frameworks: See how to create a new results framework.
  • Organizations: See information on activities and organizations.
  • Locations: Learn how to add a location.
  • Users: See how to add a new user, understand user access with a permissions overview, and learn to change a group's permissions.
  • Add an indicator: Review all aspects of indicator definitions covered in our indicator guidebook including: 
  • Aggregation of Data: Understanding how data is aggregated automatically by geographic level and what it means for data to be associated with a point (city/hospital) or a shape (region/country)
  • Entering Data: Partners: How partners should report data using the online templates or DevResults Excel templates
  • Troubleshooting ChecklistHow to troubleshoot common problems partners have with reporting data
  • Enter Narrative Results: How to add narrative reporting in DevResults
  • Pito Reports: How to create custom reports of indicator results across multiple indicators/disaggregations/geographies
  • How to use forms: How to create custom Word documents from DevResults with activity and indicator information
  • Create a Logic Check: How to create logic checks for indicator results
  • Program Management:
    • How to create and manage checklists
    • How to create and use checklist templates
    • How to manage activity- and program-level calendars
    • How to use the timeline
  • Dashboard Configuration: learn about tile options and how to edit a dashboard
  • Search Box: What the search feature does and doesn't do
  • Documents: How to upload documents
    • The workflows the documents feature is good for
    • The workflows the documents feature is not good for
  • Communicating in DevResults: 
    • How partners can submit data and communicate about their indicator results
    • How staff can return data to partners for clarifications/edits
    • How staff can use DevResults to communicate internally
  • Budget: Advise on future use of budget features once we build links to current accounting software
  • Exchange Rates: Add and use exchange rates
  • Change Menu Options for Activities: Control system settings in the administration menu

Helpful Materials

  • We strongly recommend setting up established internal workflows for who's responsible for which tasks within DevResults. To help you with this process, we provide a Change Management Toolkit with a number of useful resources.
For any topic here not linked to a help page: We're adding additional how-to pages as fast as we can, but let us know if you'd like to jump on a conference call to review any tools or features in the meantime. 
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