Partner Permissions

Partners and partner managers are granted access to activities by either

  1. being assigned a role with the activity on the activity overview page or
  2. the partner and the activity sharing the same organization.

Method 1:

On the activity overview page, all partners and partner managers listed under the "Staff Roles and Partner Access" section have access to the activity.

Method 2:

Partners and partner managers also gain access to their activities by being assigned to the managing organization for their activities. For example, if the organization:

Tatooine Vision

manages the activities:

Moisture Farming Co-Op and

Jundland Cleanup,

then users affiliated with Tatooine Vision will have access to Moisture Farming Co-Op & Jundland Cleanup.

To see/edit a partner user's organization affiliation, go to Administration > People > Users > select user. Their permission level should be "Partner" or "Partner Manager".

In this example, Sandy will have Partner Manager-level access to all of Tatooine's activities. These activities are visible on the organization's page at Administration > People > Organization > select organization.

Activities are affiliated with organizations on the Activity Overview page (Activities > select activity > Overview tab > Partner Organization section. You can view or edit this information here.

In the definition of a user group's permission levels, access is restricted to the user's organization's activities by clicking on "Partner" at the bottom of the page. Clicking on "Partner Manager" simply gives that user group the ability to submit data at the end of a reporting period. You can edit the permissions of each group if needed.

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