Form Templates: Indicator

The "Forms" tab in DevResults offers some basic tools to help you create reports in Microsoft Word (or PDFs). You can create form templates for activities, for a single reporting period/activity combination, and for indicators. This page provides placeholders and access instructions for the Indicator Form Template type. For detailed instructions on how to use forms and create form templates, please see: How to Use Forms.


[[Title]]Indicator - Name
[[Code]]Indicator - Code
[[ReferenceNumber]]Indicator - Reference #
[[Description]]Indicator - Definition
[[RatePer]]Indicator - Rate Per
[[DataHasActivity]]Indicator - Results are reported per activity
[[FormulaDecoded]]Indicator - Formula
[[Unit_TitlePlural]]Indicator - Unit
[[CalculationLabel]]Indicator - Indicator Type
[[DataEntryMethodLabel]]Indicator - Data Source
[[DataFormatLabel]]Indicator - Number Format
[[ReportingLevelLabel]]Indicator - Reporting Level
[[Utility]]Indicator - Justification
[[CollectionMethod]]Indicator - Data Acquisition - Collection Method
[[DataSources]]Indicator - Data Acquisition - Sources
[[DataAcquisitionFrequency]]Indicator - Data Acquisition - Acquisition Frequency
[[DataLimitations]]Indicator - Data Quality - Limitations
[[DataQualityAssessmentNotes]]Indicator - Data Quality - Quality Notes
[[DataAnalysisNotes]]Indicator - Data Analysis, Review, and Reporting - Analysis
[[DataReviewNotes]]Indicator - Data Analysis, Review, and Reporting - Review
[[DataReportingNotes]]Indicator - Data Analysis, Review, and Reporting - Reporting

[[CreateDate]]The date the indicator was created in DevResults.
[[CreatedByName]]The name of the person who created the indicator in DevResults.
[[ModifyDate]]The date the indicator definition was last changed.
[[ModifiedByName]]The name of the person who last changed the indicator definition.

How to Access this Form

You can access an Indicator Form by following these steps:

  1. Go to Results->Indicators.
  2. Select the indicator you want to view.
  3. When the indicator definition page opens, click the Forms tab.
  4. Click on the form you wish to view; it should automatically download.
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