Custom Queries

Sometimes, DevResults doesn't provide you the information you want in the exact way you need. For example: perhaps you need a specific export of your Activities list for status review meetings, or you want to see a list of all activities that report on certain indicators and the provinces those activities work in.

When you have these questions or requests and it's not something supported by Pito or the existing exports on various pages, your site administrator can request a custom query be created and made available to your site. You define what you need; we build and save the query for you; and you can run it at any time in the site itself or download the results into Excel.

Who can view and download custom queries?

Any user belonging to a group with View or View & Edit permissions on Custom Queries can view and download custom queries.

How do I access custom queries?

If you have custom queries in your site, they're really easy to access and run. Go to the Administration menu and click on Custom Queries.

This will open the Custom Queries index page, which displays all the custom queries in your site that you have access to:

From here, you have a couple options:

  1. If you know this is the query you want and you just need it in Excel, you can click the Download button to prompt a download of the query's current results into Excel.
  2. If you want to preview the query's results, you can click the View button. This displays a preview of what the export contains; you can then download from there:

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