Add Multiple Users

If you need to add many new users at once, instead of creating a user individually, you can create multiple new users in bulk by uploading a spreadsheet.

For the bulk import, you'll need to know the new users' First Name, Last Name, Email, and Permissions Group.

You can use this functionality to:

  1. Create new users in bulk (enter new rows in the spreadsheet; anything without a contactID gets added)
  2. Edit existing users in bulk (edit the spreadsheet as-is; anything with a contactID gets updated)

Creating New Users in Bulk

To create new users in bulk, first go to Administration > Users to open the Users Index page.

On this page, use the gear button in the upper right corner and select Export to download an Excel file of your existing users:

You'll need to delete all the rows for existing users from your Excel sheet, but we recommend leaving a couple as a template.

Add the rows for your new users with a blank contactID:

(The four rows highlighted with no contactID are the new users this import will create.)

For new rows in the spreadsheet:

  • Email, First Name, Last Name, and Group are required. The other fields are optional.
  • Organization needs to reference an organization that already exists in your site.
  • Group needs to reference a group that already exists in your site.

Once you have removed all existing users from your spreadsheet and saved it with the new users you want to add, click the gear icon again and select Import:

This will open a pop-up window to walk you through the upload process:

You can click the Choose file button to browse to the file or drag the file from your computer directly into this box and drop it here. The system will evaluate the spreadsheet for any invalid values; it will warn you if it finds any problems with the sheet. If everything looks fine, you'll get a confirmation showing how many users it found to import:

If the number for import looks wrong to you or you get errors that you need to fix, click the Clear upload button to remove the file, go edit and save it again, and then restart the process.

Once everything looks good, click the Continue button to complete the import:

You'll get a confirmation message once the import is complete; click the Done button to close it.

Once you click Done, your Users Index page will refresh and you'll see your new users there!

Pro Tip: Users won't receive a welcome message or a password until you've assigned them a password. You can do this manually for individual users, but it's far easier to click the gear cog and just click the Reset blank passwords button to generate random passwords and send a welcome email to all the new users you just created.

Editing Existing Users in Bulk

You can also use this tool to complete bulk updates to existing users. To do so, follow the first few steps to download your Users Index into Excel. Then edit the spreadsheet that you downloaded--for example, to add Departments or Titles to existing users.

When you import the spreadsheet, it will update the users in place.

Note: Currently, you cannot bulk edit users' Email, Group, or Organization. These must be changed directly on the User's Details page.

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