Add a New User

To create a new user, go to the Administration menu, click Users.

Note: If you do not see the Administration menu, then you do not have permission to add users. Please speak to your supervisor.

This will open the Users Index. Click the + Add User button in the lower right to begin creating a new user.

Note: If you do not see the + Add User button, then you do not have permission to add users. Please speak to your supervisor.

This will open an Add User pop-up. Enter the user's first and last name, email address, and assign them a permission Gruop from the dropdown. Then click the + Add User button:

Note: The individual will use their email address to log into DevResults.

This will open the User Details screen. You may enter any other information you'd like to add. 

Note: Partners should have their correct organization listed. Partners gain access to their activity(s) when the partner and the activity(s) are assigned to the same organization. Start typing the name of the organization and select the organization when it appears in the search list. Before ever adding a new organization, confirm in the Organizations list (Administration > Organizations) that an organization is not yet added. Be sure to look for the full name of the organization, not just the acronym.

Send the new user a password to log in by clicking the Assign new password button. It will open a Change Password pop-up. 

The system will auto-generate a random temporary password. If you don't want to use it, click choose a different password and type in any password you like.

If you'd like the system to email the user with their password, be sure the Send an email with the new password box is checked.

Then click Save.

Note: If you have a DevResults Enterprise site, you can add a user to all child sites through the Users page of your Enterprise site.

Next, you can assign the user to one or more activities. In addition to a partner and an activity sharing the same organization assignment, assigning a partner to an activity is another way to give a partner access to an activity. 

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