Pushing Dashboards to Other Users

All users can create dashboards and share them to make them visible to other users. Users with the Dashboard Manager role can also proactively "push" shared dashboards to other users, saving them the step of having to Add a shared dashboard to their dashboard view.

Pushing a dashboard to a user is the same as if the user Added an Existing dashboard and selected the dashboard: it adds the dashboard intact to their dashboard view, but as view-only. (In other words, they can see all that it has but can't change the configuration on any tiles, etc.)

Pushing is very useful if you want to share a dashboard before a meeting so that everyone is looking at the same set of visualizations, etc. It can be a great way to share organization-wide indicators and progress at a high level. But because pushed dashboards are read-only, users will need to make a copy of a pushed dashboard to edit the configuration, etc.

How to Push a Dashboard

From your dashboard view, click the Manage dashboards button in the upper right to open the Manage Dashboards Index:

In the Manage Dashboards Index, click the boxes next to the dashboard(s) you wish to push:

Then click the Push button near the top.

This will open a Push Dashboards pop-up.

Check the boxes next to the users you wish to push this dashboard to. As you select them, they'll move to the top of the pop-up. When you push, the dashboard will be added as the last tab in their dashboard view. You can also opt to Put before existing dashboards, which will add it as the first tab in their dashboard view. Once you've finished selecting the users and whether you want to put this before existing dashboards, click the Push button.

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