Integrating DevResults With External Tools

DevResults allows users to formalize and systematize their data collection, storage, and display and reporting, but it also allows users to export their data to external data analysis and business intelligence (BI) tools like Tableau and Microsoft Power BI. 

Exporting Data:

Most data analysis and BI tools allow users to import data in Excel format. To get an Excel copy of results you have entered into DevResults, navigate to the results page you need and select the export data option. For direct entry indicators, you will select the Export all reporting period data button. 

For data tables, you will select the Download all button. 

Both these options will download a file to your chosen download folder. 

Importing DevResults Data to an External Tool:

Once you have the Excel file, you can import the file directly into the data analysis or BI tool of your choice. 

If you're using Tableau, you can Connect to an Excel File. Tableau will then give you the option to view the imported data and make any changes you need to.

You can then begin to use Tableau to analyze your data. 

If you're using Microsoft Power BI, you can navigate to the data tab and select Get Data. Power BI will give you the option to connect to Excel and select the file you exported from DevResults. 

You can then begin to use Power BI to analyze your data. 

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