IATI Vocabulary List

As IATI standards continue to expand, DevResults is also adding new functionality to help users easily create IATI exports of their data. 

The following article will cover how to add and link IATI elements for a complete export of your reporting data.

Select vocabulary lists

To link your internal activity and organization data to IATI standard vocabulary lists, go to Program Settings under the Administration tab. In the IATI section, click on the dropdown menu and select the Aid Type Vocabulary list, Policy Marker Vocabulary list, and Sector Vocabulary list you would like to use. The codelists are are key to making IATI activity and organisation data from different publishers comparable. For more information, please refer to the IATI Standards Codelists. If you don't see your preferred vocabulary list in the dropdown menu, please reach out to us at help@devresults.com

Once you've added the IATI vocabulary code lists, you can link Activity Sectors to the appropriate IATI sector vocabulary.

Link internal sectors to IATI sectors

To do so, go to Sectors under the Administration tab. Click on the empty fields under IATI Sector and select the appropriate IATI sector. You can begin typing in the box to narrow down your options.

Complete IATI-specific activity information

Once you've linked the Activity Sectors to the IATI sector codes, you can link them to specific activities. Go to the Classification section your activity's Overview tab and add the relevant sectors by clicking on the + Add a sector button. If you add more than one sector, you will need to specify the percentage breakdown for each Activity sector. You can do so by filling in the percentage breakdown between sectors for this activity. 

Note: Sector percentages they must add up to 100%. The IATI export will not work if the sector percentages do not total 100%.

You can also list out related activities and specify the relationship between them. To add an activity, click on the + Add an activity button. Then click in the Relationship cell and select the appropriate response from the dropdown menu.

If your site has been configured to include an IATI Organization identifier, you will notice that each Activity now has an additional IATI tab. 

This tab allows you to add additional Activity-specific information to your export, including specifying default Flow Type, Aid Type, and Tied Status. Click on the dropdown and select the appropriate IATI code. 

You can also specify policy markers for an activity, as well as their significance, the conditions and the type of condition, and the recipient countries and regions for specific activities.

To do so, click on the +Add policy marker button and the +Add a condition button. 

To add a recipient country or region, click on the +Add a country or region button. 

If you are adding more than one country or region, you must enter a percentage breakdown for each recipient geography. Please note that the percentages must add up to 100%.

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