Enterprise: Adding Users to Child Sites

Whether you've recently added a new child instance to your enterprise arrangement or you hired a new program administrator, if you are a site Owner, you can now add an enterprise user to one or more child instances without having to go to each individual child site directly.

Begin by logging into the enterprise site, go to Administration->Users, and select the User you wish to add to child instance(s). (If the user doesn't yet exist, Create them as a user.)

For enterprise sites, the user administration screen is a little different, with an Other Sites grid at the bottom of the Permissions section:

To add a user to one or more other sites in the enterprise:

  1. Select the site from the Site Name dropdown menu. This will enable a dropdown in the Group column.
  2. Select the Group you want this user to be assigned to in the site.
  3. Repeat these steps as needed for other sites in your enterprise.
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