Enter 'Direct Entry' Data via Excel

There are two ways to enter indicator results:

Mix and match data entry

You can use a combination of entering data online or in an Excel template. For example, you might start out entering some data online for your activity, but then download the Excel template to finish work offline. This will download any results that you've already entered. Once you upload your Excel template, you will still be able to edit those results online until you are ready to submit your data for review.

To begin, go to the Results dropdown and select Reporting Periods.

Click on the reporting period for which you'd like to enter data.

Click on the activity for which you'd like to enter data.

You are now viewing your Activity Reporting Period Page. This includes a list of all the indicators for which your activity should report results for the selected reporting period.

To report data using an Excel template

Click on the gear icon and select Download results data.

In the popup window, make sure all technical areas are selected if you want to report on all of your activity's indicators. Otherwise, check the boxes for just the indicators for which you want to report results. Click Download. This downloads an Excel file to whatever folder your computer uses for downloads, such as the Downloads folder or your computer's Desktop.

Tip: If you would prefer a separate template for each location or administrative division where you report data, you can click on the Export dropdown and select to export separate files for the geographic disaggregation of interest. This will download a zipped file with templates for each location or administrative division (like province or district). When you've collected the completed templates, put them back into a zipped folder (you can change the names of the files and folder) and then upload the zipped folder.

Fill out the Excel template like any normal Excel file. You can change the name of the file, but the file will not let you change the row or column headings.

  • NOTE: Your spreadsheet may have multiple tabs for each reporting level for each technical area. 
  • In each tab, the rows show the places (location/district/region/etc.) where you should report indicator results.
  • The columns show the indicators (plus disaggregations) that your activity should report. There is a column to enter comments for each indicator for each place.
  • You do not need to enter any totals for an indicator's disaggregations or geographies. DevResults does this automatically.

If any of the places where you need to report indicator results do not show up, you might need to:

If any of your indicators do not show up, you might need to:

When you're ready to upload your data, click on the gear icon and then Upload results template on the Activity Reporting Page.

Select the file from your computer's folders and then click Open. You will now see a pop-up menu showing you that the system is importing and validating your spreadsheet. When it is done, you can click Done. All indicator results are now stored online. You can view totals on your activity reporting page or click on each indicator for details.

This completes the upload of indicator results via reporting template.

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