Edit Language Translations

DevResults provides automatic translations of all system and navigation headings in a set number of languages. We create these by running the site through a machine translator, which means it isn't always accurate or may miss some of the subtler nuances of language. (It's a bit like running something through Google Translate: it's understandable but not always how a native speaker would say it.) So there may be headings or wording that doesn't quite make sense in our non-English translations. Editing language translations is a way for you to make sure your site's navigation makes sense to your users. (Note: this is only necessary for our multi-lingual sites.)

Who can edit language translations?

DevResults allows users to edit the language translations on their site. To do so, the user will need to belong to a group that has the Translator role selected in the Additional Roles section of group permissions. See our page on Change a Group's Permissions for information on how to do this.

Editing translations

From any page in DevResults, go to Administration > Text Translations.This will open the Text Translations Index. This provides a list of each English string and the foreign language equivalent. The New? column will show an exclamation point if the text string has only been machine-translated (and therefore may require your translator's review).

You can search for a specific translation using the Search bar on the left (we recommend this, as there are a lot of translations!). You can also filter to "Only show new machine-translated text", which will give you only the text strings which have not been edited by a translator.

Once you've found the translation you'd like to edit, simply click in the foreign language cell for that text and enter the correct text:

Editing translations in bulk

If you'd like to edit a lot of translations at once, open a help ticket with us and request an export of all translations. We'll give you an Excel file where you can edit all the translations you'd like. Send that back to us, and we'll import it.

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